9th National Scientific Conference entitled: “Echoes of the ESPHM Congress in Utrecht 2019”.

On Friday, 10/11/2019 was held the 9th National Scientific Conference entitled: “Echoes of the ESPHM Congress in Utrecht 2019”.

The conference constitutes a significant event among the veterinarians working with swine. Each year, it involves lectures of renowned authorities from Poland and abroad. During the 9th edition of the conference, their lectures held specialists who do not need to be introduced.

Among its participants, a widespread impact had the lecture of Magdalena Czaplińska, Agri Plus Regional Veterinarian for North East Poland, on symptoms and pathological lesions in a sow herds infected with ASFV. The lecture was conducted in a content-related and professional way. Magdalena Czaplińska was introduced to the audience in warm words by Prof. Zygmunt Pejsak, who recognized Magdalena’s lecture as very important and let her take part of the time intended for his presentations. During the summary of the conference, Prof. Pejsak repeatedly cited Magdalena’s words.

Knowledge and experience of the veterinarians employed in our company, gain more and more recognition in the environment. Magdalena was invited to present our experience and give a lecture at the conference in Hungary.

Her lecture also initiated establishment of cooperation with other leading pig producers in the country, under the exchange of information and mutual support in training veterinarians and farm employees.

For all pig growers the most important task is to protect their farms against the ASF virus. The next edition of the trainings will start in the spring of 2020 at our University of Agri Plus.

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Once again, we would like to congratulate Magdalena for great performance and our company – for having such great employees!