About Agri Plus

Agri Plus - the best contract finishing in Poland

Agri Plus is the leading pig producer in Poland. Our vertically integrated operations go from raising crops to producing feed and finish with hog production, which runs the gamut from sow herds and boar stations to piglets and finishing farms. Our objective is to obtain the best quality pork livestock while protecting the natural environment. We work throughout Poland in close cooperation with family farms, which are the crucial part of our operations.

Since 2000 Agri Plus has been developing pig production in Poland based on our own model of Contract Finishing. Contract Finishing, which encompasses rearing weaned pigs and finishing hog, protects producers from market risk due to fluctuation in feed and livestock prices.

We work with Polish farmers at every stage of production. Our contracts with individual and cooperative farms and producer groups date back many years. Our objective has been to establish a base of satisfied contractors, bringing stability to their income and continuous improvement of our results. To that end we assist our producers in improving pigs’ housing conditions and expect them to raise pigs in conformance with the highest standards of animal welfare and environmental protection. Sustainability is the key concept in both our farming and breeding operations as we strive to produce the best quality products possible.

Agri Plus owns six feed mills in different parts of the country which purchase the grain for feed production from our cooperating farmers.