Our Values

Animal welfare
Our objective is to raise healthy animals and to be a leader in providing the best, safest conditions for them. To achieve that we do the utmost at every production stage to meet all animal welfare requirements. Moreover, we provide financial support to our contractors to help their facilities conform to the highest standards.

Cooperation with the best producers
We are open to working with producers who are willing to grow their operations and who demonstrate a passion for rearing pigs. Our relationships are based on mutual trust. We offer professional support, veterinary service and well-balanced feeds at every stage of production.

Protection of the Environment
Our integrated production process aids us as we strive to have a positive impact on the environment. We use a variety of resources as we work to reduce water and energy usage, greenhouse gases emission and solid waste volume. We have earned the following International Organization for Standardization certificates: ISO 14001 – environmental management system for animal production and ISO 22000 – environmental management system for feed production.

Influence on local communities
At all of our operations in Poland we work to better our local communities. In conjunction with our producers and employees we support school children and youth by providing meals at schools and donations of school equipment and teaching aids. We organise community events like “Clean Up the World” and “World Water Monitoring Challenge.” Together with local communities and authorities we co-host annual feasts and harvest festivals. The Smithfield Poland Foundation offers a scholarship programme to our employees’ and farmers’ children in schools at all levels: gymnasiums, high schools and universities.

Employer of choice
Our strong company growth is the result of the dedicated work of our employees and contractors. Their efforts have made Agri Plus the biggest farming company in Poland. We strive to provide our employees with a safe and comfortable working environment and professional development opportunities.

Guided by these fundamental principles we endeavour to be an employer of choice by offering interesting work in a safe environment.