Job Opportunities

Our success is directly related to the competent and effective team we have gathered. Every month we hire new people who bring with them knowledge, skills and a commitment to help us accomplish our goals.

We want to establish good, safe working conditions and a pleasant atmosphere for our employees. We adhere to the provisions of the Labour Code and of OSHA regulations. We focus on team work, engagement, development of our employees and respect for every human being.
We employ production employees to work on our farms and in our feed mills, as well as experts and managers to work in different departments in our company.

One of the key pillars of Agri Plus operations and success is a well-established cooperation programme with individual farmers. This is made possible by production managers working in each region who share their expertise with our contract farmers. We therefore have a continuing need for competent and opened-minded veterinarians. Their jobs will entail working with large animals and taking responsibility for establishing and maintaining effective and productive relations with individual farmers.

To become a member of our team please apply via e-mail to specific job offers available on our website or on other Internet portals (e.g., HRK.PL, PRACUJ.PL) and in the local press.

When sending your application please remember to list in the subject line the reference number of the job you are interested in. That will facilitate and speed up review of your application.

We encourage you to send your applications regardless of currently available job offers. Both experienced personnel and recent graduates are welcome to apply. Please remember to highlight the position or department you are interested in.