Professional Development

We know that competent, challenge-facing and problem-solving people are the major asset of our company. As a result, we do our utmost to provide conditions that allow our employees to develop their skills.

Employees working on our company farms have the opportunity to increase their knowledge and production experience through many development programs such as Training Tracker.

We appreciate ambitious, creative and hardworking people who focus on problem solving and we pay special attention to experts and service managers. We assist those who are interested in professional development to achieve success in their field. For this group we have established a system of internal training aimed at creating and strengthening competencies. The training is focused on self-management of time, interpersonal communication with elements of assertiveness, team management, influencing and motivating people, and employee assessment. Moreover, experts and service managers have the opportunity to participate in external training focusing on subjects related to their work. That training is based on an assessment the company’s training needs and plans.