Role of hunters in combatting ASF

On 12/11/2019 in the main office of Hunter’s Association in Poznań,  Paweł Iskrzak, Nursery & Finisher Production Director, together with Adam Kisiel, Regional Production Director, conducted a training for hunters from Wielkopolska on role of the hunters in combating ASF. The lecturers provided information on the current situation related to the spread of the virus in the country and in the world. They brought forward the arguments that for example, in the east of the country, the wild boar population should be reduced as much as possible. They also repeated several times how important it is to follow the principles of biosecurity during and after hunting. The meeting was also attended by the Poviat Vet from Poznań (he talked about matters related to the legal aspect of wild boar utilization and the payment of funds for boars shot in the zones) and Wojciech Stryburski from an organization of producers groups. Mr. Strybulski spoke about the activities undertaken by these breeders, which are based on the Spanish model – internal cross-controls of biosecurity.

Finally, the District Hunter firmly announced that he would monitor the observance of biosecurity rules by the hunters. A lot of questions asked by the hunters prove their great awareness of the situation.

Ewa Zielińska – Tyrpin
Specjalista ds. komunikacji i tłumaczeń

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