The six sustainability pillars of Agri Plus

Environment – our actions

  • All Agri Plus facilities have a certified environmental management system—ISO 14001 (22 locations included in the scope: 16 farms and 6 feed mills, Lloyd’s Register LRQA no GDK6020074/E UKAS accreditation, Hogs and feed production)
  • Each year Agri Plus participates with youth in Clean Up the World and World Water Monitoring Challenge events as part of our commitment to natural resource preservation.
  • One of the company’s targets is to reduce our usage of water and energy by 10% by 2016.
  • In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions the company has begun a cooperative arrangement with bio-power supply plants.


Animal Welfare

  • Agri Plus’ animal welfare policy encompasses all owned and contract finishing farms.
  • Our adherence to EU directive 2001/88/EC, which establishes a minimum standard for the protection of pigs, has helped Agri Plus reach a high level of animal protection. 100% of the company’s pens for sows meet all EU regulations.
  • All haulers transporting our animals are properly trained and have appropriate licenses issued by the Veterinary Inspectorate.
  • Effective implementation of all procedures and guidelines at the company’s farms is confirmed by annual animal welfare audits.


Food and quality safety

  • Agri Plus assures the responsible use of antibiotics in animal treatment by administering them only under a veterinarian’s direction
  • Our traceability system guarantees complete identification of every animal delivered to our meat plans
  • Feed is manufactured in Agri Plus mills in accordance with a supply chain safety management system that is certified by ISO 22000-2005
  • We conduct a wide range of feed and raw material analyses
  • Supplier approval is overseen by a number of advanced systems



  • Additional training is provided based on individual needs
  • We provide a Management Training Programme for young veterinarians
  • An effective safety assurance program for employees at every production stage is prepared on the basis of potential risk identification and management
  • We meet all legal requirements for risk assessment and injuries prevention
  • Regular audits of work safety and hygiene are conducted
  • Our employees are involved in audits and trainings.


Local Communities Support

  • We provide food on an ongoing basis for children from the poorest rural areas
  • In our operating regions Agri Plus supplies schools with materials and books, and supports sport and culture events
  • Public organizations (Volunteer Firefighters receive fire fighting and medical equipment) and social associations operating for the development of local communities in Agri Plus production regions receive our support.


Value Creation

  • We actively seek and implement innovations in our operations
  • We cooperate with local farms for grain procurement and contract finishing, integrating our       business with the community
  • We seek to minimize each operation’s impact, reducing risk by the use of appropriate technologies
  • We continuously work to develop our human capital